Tourism association Malá Fatra

The tourism association of legal entities Malá Fatra was founded in 2006 by Martin and Vrútky cities. The main task of the Association is to promote common interests in local tourism. Activities of the Association are implemented by the Executive Committee, which consists of 5 members and it reports to the Board of Managers and municipal councils of both cities.

Among the most significant activities of the association are:

  • Preparation and publication of an information guide "Malá Fatra – a lowely Turiec garden wall". The material has been published in both Slovak and English version in the circulation of 25 000 prints. It serves all visitors as well as lovers of nature and the sights of Turiec.
  • Publication of a joint map of both cities of Martin and Vrútky with updated street names and markings of important cultural and public institutions and companies.
  • Presentation of the region at tourist fairs in Slovakia s well abroad (Utrecht in the Netherlands, Bratislava, Brno )
  • Rich WW2 history of the Malá Fatra area inspired the association members to adve rtise it also from the point of commemoration of the fallen soldiers in the fights of the Slovak National Uprising. Together with other associations they opened “A path of French Soldiers” leading to the French soldiers memorial in the Lopušná valley (under the Martinské hole hills).
  • The association also organized a national conference on the 2nd Czechoslovak partisan brigade of M.R.Štefánik in the Malá Fatra area.
  • In 2010 – 2011 the association is concerned with activities of the project "Cyklotrasy nestačia" (Cycle routes are not enough) supported from the European Regional Development Fund, Poland - Slovak republic 2007 – 2013 Cross – border Cooperation Programme.

With its further activities the association is planning to go on supporting the development of tourism mostly in cooperation with the cities of Martin and Vrutky. The main objective of our effort will be the support the development of cycle routes and connestions.