Cycle routes are not enough

In 2010 - 2011, the association is mostly concerned with the activities of the project "Cycle routes are not enough". The Association received a grant for the project in the amount of 46 200 EUR from the European Regional Development Fund, CBC Programme Poland-Slovak Republic.

The project started in January 2010 and has a duration of 12 months. I tis implemented in cooperation with the Polish Powiat Bielski. Its objective is to promote the development of cross-border tourism through the development of information resources on the historical and cultural monuments.

Direct outputs of The project

  • 3 - lingual cycle tourist guide to selected historical routes with printed cycle maps
  • information boards
  • website
  • Slovak and Polish cycle guides training
  • cycling event "To our own routes on a bike"

Branislav Zacharides - A cycle guide to the history of Turiec

Predná strana publikácie - Cykloturistický sprievodca dejinami Turca
download pdf Map
download pdf 1-2 Titulka a príhovor
download pdf 3-10 Turčianska hradná cesta
download pdf 11-20 Turčianska gotická cesta
download pdf 21-34 Za turčianskou šľachtou
download pdf 35-42 Cestou národných dejín
download pdf 43-52 K osobnostiam, ktoré preslávili Turiec
download pdf 53-56 Za históriou železnice
download pdf 57-71 Polski
download pdf 72-86 English
download pdf 87-92 Bielsky okres